Thirsty Thursday

Thinking about trying something entirely different at Rinnova, but not sure what to get?  Try a frozen green matcha (that’s green tea, for those of you who don’t venture beyond coffee) with soy milk and a shot of raspberry.  It sounds weird, but it’s delicious- I promise!

Not feeling the fruit?  Try swapping out the raspberry for a shot of mint and a drizzle of chocolate syrup.  Instant mint chocolate matcha.

Bonus tip: green matcha tea is actually healthy for you.  Among other things, it is loaded with antioxidants and great for your heart health.

Don’t knock it ’til you try it.  Your tastebuds will be glad you did.

green matcha


Thirsty Thursday: Smoothies, Oh how I love you!!

Now, it’s hard to believe for a coffee lover, but some people don’t like coffee…and that’s ok! The nice thing about coffee shops is that they offer a variety of drink options…even for non-coffee lovers. Plus, this nice weather calls for a cool drink!

And today, that drink is a smoothie. At Rinnova, they offer a variety of smoothie options, but they’re so much more fun when you mix flavors.

One of my favorites (also because of the name) is the Peach, Mango, Strawberry smoothie or…PMS smoothie. They really do taste good and are quite addicting. Two stories for you:

1. A guy friend of mine asked for a recommendation for a kind of smoothie and of course, I said, “Peach Mango Strawberry”. He got it and now he’s addicted. Best part? When he was picking up his drink, he figured it out! Haha…needless to say, he was slightly surprised.

2. I got one the other day and a guy was working at Rinnova and he refused to say my order! It was hilarious. Grow up dude. I wish I got it on video!!

So…if you’re bold enough, go get one. If not, there are plenty of other kinds to choose from. Or make up your own! My boss even likes to get whipped cream blended into the smoothie and then on top!