Love Our Veterans: Mashup Monday

Happy Monday, everyone!


Since tomorrow is Veterans Day, I want to share some things that we can all do to support our armed forces.  They sacrifice everything for our freedom- let’s do something for them!


1. Donate to Disabled American Veterans.  The DAV is a veteran’s advocacy group that makes it their mission to make sure that our veterans have the benefits and healthcare that they need.

2.  Donate to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Like the DAV, Wounded Warrior Project exists to support wounded service members and provide rehabilitation programs and community for them and their families.

3.  Sponsor a soldier.  Click here here or here to find out how you can adopt a soldier and show them some love!  All three of these organizations work to provide soldiers with regular letters and care packages to let them know that they are loved and appreciated.

4.  Write to a soldier through Operation Write Home.

5.  Send a care package through Operation Gratitude.

6.  Donate to Books For Soldiers.  Donate some of your old books or buy some new ones.  You can send books, games, and DVDs.

7.  Welcome veterans back from their Honor Flight.  The first honor flight left from Springfield, Ohio in May 2005!  Since then, hundreds of veterans have been flown to Washington, DC to see the memorials built in their honor.  Check the schedule to see when veterans will be returning from their flight in your area, and go welcome them home at the airport like the rockstars they are.

8.  Shake a veteran’s hand and tell them thank you.  Tomorrow morning is our Veterans Day chapel (which is absolutely incredible- don’t miss it) and our campus will be full of veterans.  As you go throughout your day, shake their hands and tell them how grateful you are for their sacrifices and their service.  Our veterans are real-life super heroes, and they deserve the recognition of a sincere thank you.  They are such a blessing- bless them with gratitude.


If you are a veteran, thank you.  If you are an active service member, thank you.  If you are an ROTC student, thank you.  If you are a family member or loved one of a soldier, thank you.  You all are heroes and I am so thankful to live in a country where I am free and safe because of the sacrifice and bravery of our armed forces.  I can’t thank you enough.

Happy Veterans Day!






Wacky Wednesday (With a Chance of Discs)


Ok, so for the past few months, I have been talking almost exclusively about secrets of Cedarville probably below most of your conscious levels.

Tonight I’m going to bring up a subject that you’re probably more aware about- but maybe still don’t know that much about:


That’s right, I said it.

One of the most highly anticipated tournaments of the intramural year, the one proven to cause the most frustration, agony, and heartbreak.

But I’m not just talking about any old frisbee team.

I’m talking about club frisbee.

You know, that team that plowed through everyone in the A and B intramural leagues on their way to the championship, while still claiming that “just played pickup” now and then.

Yes, that team. Plus about 25 more guys.

Cedarville’s club frisbee team is a highly talented group of men who desire to glorify God through crushing their opponents in disc-related activities.

Ok, I know that sounds kind of violent, but hey, who wouldn’t like to break bones for God?

Just kidding.

On a more serious note, Cedarville stormed their way to nationals in the frisbee league after forming an official club last year. They ranked fifth in the nation for Division III, and finished in eighth place nationally.

Oh, and I suppose this would be a good time to mention I am on the team this year.

Please pause from throwing your tomatoes at me to hear one last comment: We need you!

At our home games that will be held next spring, we need you, Cedarvillians, to come and cheer us on! One of the things we love the most about Cedarville is our strong home crowds! Brave the frigid temperatures, and come out and support what we know is secretly your favorite sports team!

Our team name this year is the Swarm.

Come swarm our sidelines this spring, and you’ll be rewarded by amazing plays.

I guarantee it.

Well, as much as I can guarantee any sport in which you’re constantly throwing plastic discs into 30 mph Ohio winds.

Until next time,


Townie Tuesday

November 8, 2014.

5:30 – 8:30 PM.

be there —> cancel your plans, because you will not want to miss one of the favorite Cedarville traditions:


This once a year, can’t miss, best event is something that the guys of Lawlor and the Hill and the ladies of Maddox and Printy prepare weeks in advance for. The sweat, the blood, the tears, it will all go down on November 8. Be there to cheer on your favorite dorm. This is the must see football game of the season for Cedarville, as well, it is going to be the only football game of the season to see. Be there to see history happen. Maybe this year, Lawlor will finally beat the Hill, but don’t hold your breath.

A title. A trophy. A reputation. It’s all on the line. Who will win the Gridiron Class? Come out Saturday to find out.

Natural Remedies: Mashup Monday

Happy Monday, everyone!

Cold and flu season is upon us.  And while I am usually the first to reach for the NyQuil when the stuffy-nose strikes, there are also a lot of other (natural) things that I make sure I do in order to help my body recover as quickly as possible.  Just a friendly reminder, the things that your mom told you to do when you were sick as a kid still work!

1. SLEEP.  Sleep is the first ingredient in maintaining your overall health.  Your body repairs itself while you sleep, so even though course loads are tough right now, don’t miss out on the zzz’s your body needs to fight the bug.

2.  Eat some chicken noodle soup.  The hot soup helps your body stay warm, which conserves energy needed to fight your sickness off.  Also the fluids help keep you from drying out more than you already are.  And chicken noodle soup is delicious and tastes like home.

3.  Sore throat?  Gargle with warm salt water.  It kills the bacteria in your throat and the warmth of the water is soothing… so long as you don’t accidentally swallow some of it.

4.  Steam.  Boil water, pour into bowl.  Put a towel over your head and the bowl and breathe in the steam.  It’s also a great way to get a free steam facial- good for both your skin AND your nasal passages.

5.  Make a homemade tea from ginger root and lemon, which both fight inflammation.  Ginger can also help sooth nausea!

Hopefully none of you are sick or will become sick for the rest of the semester (fingers crossed!).  But if you do catch the cold or flu, try these out and get some much-deserved rest.



Feature Friday


Dr. White is the Feature of the day! Being the President of Cedarville University, Dr. White is an open book. He posts photos on social media of his family, hobbies, and events he attends. However after speaking with him, Dr. White revealed a new side of him that you will not find on Facebook… This multi-talented man can sew and iron his own clothes!

Now, this is not to take anything away from his superhero wife, Joy, who Dr. White speaks so highly of as a mother, wife, and homemaker. She, too, can sew and iron, but Dr. White said he, “recently made a repair to one of [his] suits,” and “prefers to iron [his] own dress shirts instead of sending them to the cleaners.” I bet none of you thought that the man who runs CU, has a family, and can keep up with many hobbies and activities also has the ability to sew and iron– but think again! Next time you see the President, stop and appreciate his crisp shirt and hole-free suit– chances he did that himself!


That’s all for now, stay tuned for next week’s Feature Friday!


Thirsty Thursday: The Perfect Halloween Treat

This drink is perfect for Halloween and for Cedarville students!

Rinnova has outdone themselves this time. Truly. This drink is known as the “Boo-Tella”. It’s a chocolate-hazelnut chai topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. To make it even better, the sprinkles are purple, green and white!

I know I’ve posted about chocolate chai drinks before, but this just shows you how easy it is to twist a drink even more! For instance, add a little bit of spark to the drink with a shot of espresso. This also helps make the drink a little less sweet.

Get this drink while it lasts! Or just memorize what’s in it and you can request it again and again and again. Well…you get the picture.

So the question is, are you in for a trick? Or a treat?


Wacky Wednesday


All right, it’s time for your favorite blogger’s weekly night of fame!

Hopefully that statement doesn’t get me taken out of my highly coveted position here.

Although next week we will be telling you about the underground mob here at the Ville. So I wouldn’t be surprised.

Just, kidding, Cedarville has no mob connections that I’m aware of.

Hang on a sec and let me ask these guys wearing hoods and sunglasses at night if they know anything about the subject.

Ok, I’m back. And maybe we actually do have a mob here at the school. But I can’t say, or else… Let’s just get on to the post, ok?

Anyway, so traditionally, this evening has been one where I tell you grand stories of talented athletic teams, unique niche groups, or pretty cool classes here at the Ville.

Tonight, I haven’t the faintest idea why, I am going to venture into a world that many of us know too well: dating.

Yup, I just said the ‘d’ word. I think you may have to get over it.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn into a Dr. Phil column, with me writing advice for people who comment every week. I think we all know how that would turn out. Terrible. The reasoning (at least I think it’s rational) behind this was just seeing so many of my co-posters talking about these wonderful locations around Cedarville. Why not share one of your favorite local destinations with your boyfriend or girlfriend, (or just a friend)?

Many of the these popular locations have been shared previously, notably here and here. But don’t be afraid to come up with a few new spots on your own with your special someone!

It’s fall in Cedarville. You can go anywhere and enjoy yourself.


Run through piles of leaves.

Spend quality time with friends.

This is the Cedarville experience.

This is what we love.

Until next time,


Townie Tuesday

It’s almost November and it is still so lovely outside.

That means that here is still time to go out and be adventurous in these lovely outdoors.

Some of the best places to head out to for a fun hike would be:

-Indian Mounds

-John Bryant

-Buck Creek

-Glen Helen Nature Preserve

-Bike Trail

Those are just some of the places that I have been to around the area that are great for being outside. Be sure to take advantage of these last few days that are so nice and warm!


A Little Local Lore: Mashup Monday

Happy Monday, everyone!

Since Halloween is this Friday, I figured that instead of posting tips for self-improvement I would share some local legends and ghost stories.  I love a good ghost story almost as much as I love healthy eating tips.  Almost.


Like all states, Ohio has its fair share of haunted houses and ghost stories.  You’ve probably heard several of them growing up.  I still remember the ghost stories I heard on the school bus as a little girl in my hometown near Indianapolis.  But did you know that some of the places we Cedarville students frequent have ghost stories of their own?  Clifton, Yellow Springs, Xenia, and our very own university (maybe?) all have their own allegedly haunted sites.

Below is a list of local haunts with a ghostly reputation- click on the name to read an article about the legends surrounding each location.

1.  John Bryan State Park, Clifton

2.  Antioch College, Yellow Springs

3.  Glen Helen Nature Preserve, Yellow Springs

4.  Crybaby Bridge, Xenia.

5.  Ye Olde Trail Tavern, Yellow Springs

6.  Spring Hill Elementary, Xenia

7.  Trebein Road, Byron

8.  Little Sugar Creek, Bellbrook

9.  Myers Hall, Wittenberg University, Springfield (bonus link for poem version with creepy background music)

10.  Cedar Lake, Cedarville University

Although many of these stories have historical basis, the actual presence of ghostly figures is just hearsay.  However if you are brave (and looking for something creepy to do this week), head out to one of these locations and take a look for yourself!  Just make sure that you have the proper permissions before you go exploring, and of course, be respectful of the places you visit.  If you aren’t, you never know who or what will come after you for it…

Happy Halloween!



Feature Friday— On a Monday





…or should I say LOVE SEATS?!


Who woulda thought that at a Christian university that bans kissing on campus would have secret kissing spots conveniently decorated with university furniture?


Okay, maybe it’s not as surprising as you would think.


A little bird told me there are several couch areas in the Stevens Student Center (SSC) that are specifically known for smooching. One being the hallway by the restrooms and back entrance of the Admissions office, and the second being in the lower level’s lounge area near the Event Service’s office for starters. So my question is– what is so romantic about these couches? Or the SSC? Can’t students just go off campus for a little lip action?


My guess? Underclassmen. Think about it– All freshman live on campus. Only about half of freshman students have a car, and because the freshman can only park in a lot so far away it is given the nickname, “Africa” (the parking lot that is in front of the caged fields and Soccer field) I understand how it would make students stick around on campus more.


Is there a solution? Maybe not right away. The university has been trying to replace all couches with chairs to discourage this type of physical contact, but will this actually help couples, or cause them to cozy up even closer? It looks like we will never have a clear solution; students will always find those dimly-lit secret hallways conveniently adorned with comfy couches, but it’s probably better they are kissing on campus and not taking things to the next level — aka going to the parking lot of the Indian Mounds… that’s all I’m going to say about that… let’s keep our interactions PG, people!



Officially stepping off my soap box,

Until Next Time,