Townie Tuesday

Cinnamon Rolls. Croissants. Scones. Bread. Donuts. Muffins. All freshly made- just for you to come and eat!

The Corner Bakery is a little secret hidden between Stoney Creek and Beans ‘n Cream. The Corner Bakery has so many delicious options, just waiting for you to come buy! As you can see in the introduction, they have quite the array of scrumptious sounding pastries and desserts.

Maybe on your way out of town before break, you can stop by and grab a sweet treat for that long road trip home . . .

Or if you don’t have time for that sweet treat before break, you could always ask out that girl you’ve had your eye on all semester to take a study break during finals week, and head on down to the Corner Bakery! (Just an idea, guys!)

We’re always trying to look out for you – whether that means a date idea, or just a quick road trip snack. Either way, check out the Corner Bakery- and enjoy!



Feature Friday

This week’s Feature Friday is dedicated to the Interim Chair of the Communications Department:

Derrick L. Green.

First, your friends here at Hidden Menu would like to finally put your curiosity to rest. There has been a big hoopla over the years as to what Professor Green’s middle name actually is… well, wonder no more. His middle name is LeMarr and it’s French, so make sure you sound educated when you say it.

Since we are just scraping at the surface of the mysterious Professor Green we would like to let you in on a few of the things that make Professor Green the person that he is.

5 things you should know about Professor Green:

  1. Avid Cartoon Watcher

When he’s not busy running the communications department, he’s busy watching Kim Possible.

  1. Chess Player

Challenge him to a game if you dare, but you’re bound to lose.

  1. Romper Room

Need I say more?

  1. Owns 3 light sabers

“Luke, I am your faaaaaather.”

  1. Speech team coach

So much respect for someone who enjoys coaching people in how to give a competitive speech.

Aside from his cartoon loving side, Professor Green has a big passion for his students and wanting to see them learn and grow. When we asked him what his dream job was, he said it was right where he is. There is nothing he’d rather be doing than educating and inspiring students.

“I have a passion for students and a passion for wanting them to want to make an impact.”

We can see how his passion for education really plays out in his development of the Virtual Communications class along with his involvement in various speech classes and the Department’s social media. So, when you see him around campus, think twice before you walk on by and instead consider having a light saber battle or a good ol’ crack at Brian Reagan impersonations.


P.S. If you didn’t know what Romper Room is, you do now.

Thirsty Thursday

Pumpkin spice lattes are being exchanged for gingerbread, eggnog and peppermint lattes. It’s amazing that our tastebuds adjust according to what our culture says is “Fall Flavors” or “Winter Flavors”. The best part? The flavors actually make sense!

But the fun in coffee drinks is being creative. Yes, you have your favorite drink, but live a little! Try something new, something that is unique.

Think of something creative like: Coconut Vanilla Cream, Sugar and Spice Cookie, Raspberry Eggnog. They may not turn out to be the best, but it’s always fun to experiment.

So go enjoy the beautiful holiday season and find a new seasonal drink!

Wacky Wednesday

This may be my last post this semester, on account of me hoping to be eating turkey by about this time next week.

Ok, enough tears shed, let’s get on to what I know you want to be talking about: THANKSGIVING!

So next week begins the holiday (as they say in England, I think) that you have sweated and worked so hard for. Unfortunately, you have to come back for two weeks of school after that. But who’s thinking of that?

Anyway, a clandestine, truly #cuhiddenmenu tradition that I want to bring to your attention for my final post is called Chucksgiving. That’s right, the annual piquant, ambrosial bash is tomorrow evening in Chucks! With mouthwatering turkey, piles of mashed potatoes, and delicious veggies that may rival your Aunt Petunia’s, the feast begins at 4:30pm!

As a member of the Culinary committee at Cedarville, I set up a meal every month that reflects the spirit of the season, and provides students with a savory break from normal cafeteria food. Last month, the meal was Halloween-themed, and the month before that showcased picnic food and checkered table cloths replete with goodies.

You won’t regret coming.

You will regret not showing up.

Come out to Chucksgiving with your friends for the last themed meal of the semester.

Your comestible world will be transformed.

Until we meet again,


Townie Tuesday

The snow is here and you better believe that it is here to stay. We probably won’t see that greenish-brownish grass until March. So let’s all get used to the beautiful white snow! One way to get used to this snow would be to head out to the local ski, snowboarding, and snow tubing slopes!

Mad River Mountain is a (local) ski slope that many fellow Cedarville students utilize during these winter months. They are open every day of the week, opening at 9 or 10 AM and they stay open anywhere from 9:30 PM – 3 AM.

For those of you who do not know how to ski, Mad River does offer lessons for all who need them!

A detailed list of their hours, fees, and directions can be found at their website:

Address: 1000 Snow Valley Rd. Zanesfield, Ohio 43360

DIY Gift Guide: Mashup Monday

Happy Monday, everyone!


Christmas is coming!  I know that some of you are staunchly against even mentioning Christmas until Thanksgiving has passed (and that’s okay, we can agree to coexist peacefully), but it is never too early to be thinking about presents.

If you’re like me, the present budget is a little tight.  But fear not!  Here is a list of lovely little gifts that you can cheaply DIY for your favorite people.

1. For the coffee-lover, a personalized coffee mug.  Experiment with different colored Sharpies and get your Picasso on.

2.  For the tea connoisseur, Christmas tree-shaped tea bags filled with homemade loose-leaf tea.  OR you can just buy the tea pre-made.  Up to you.

3.  For the Narnia-lover, a lamppost snow globe.

4.  For the naturalist, beautiful wood coasters.

5.  For the little person in your life, a cuddly sock bunny.

6.  For the candle lover, a scented candle in a mason jar.

7.  For the Bath & Body Works addict, warm vanilla sugar body scrub.

8.  For the foodie, infused olive oil.

9.  For the stubbly stud, beard balm.

10.  For the traveler, map art.

11.  For you furriest friends, a warm, cozy bed.

Happy crafting, friends!



How Convenient

Today’s Feature Friday post is located in the SSC. The Cedarville Bookstore has a Convenience Store that CONVENIENTLY hides right under our noses. It’s a recent addition to the Bookstore and it has been one of the best things since Carl Ruby’s cinnamon rolls. (May they rest in peace)

It’s the perfect place for that early morning breakfast run or that necessary midday pick-me-up. The Convenience Store has better and cheaper options than the Rip, and did I mention they have gluten free options too? I firmly believe that this new hot spot has been an underrated location for too long. The Convenience store has everything you can think of! Fruit, veggies, candy, yogurt, pizza, and SPROUTED BEAN CHIPS. Need I say more? Oh yes, I think I will. There are even bistro tables so that you can have your cake and eat it too. Really. You can. Go ahead.

So, as you’re meandering the halls of the spacious SSC, and your stomach screams at you for sustenance, think twice before using that Chuck’s scan that will only lead to stinky clothes and future stomach aches. Instead, take a detour down to the lower SSC and give the convenience store a try. You won’t regret it and your stomach will love you for it!

-Hidden Menu

Thirsty Thursday

Thinking about trying something entirely different at Rinnova, but not sure what to get?  Try a frozen green matcha (that’s green tea, for those of you who don’t venture beyond coffee) with soy milk and a shot of raspberry.  It sounds weird, but it’s delicious- I promise!

Not feeling the fruit?  Try swapping out the raspberry for a shot of mint and a drizzle of chocolate syrup.  Instant mint chocolate matcha.

Bonus tip: green matcha tea is actually healthy for you.  Among other things, it is loaded with antioxidants and great for your heart health.

Don’t knock it ’til you try it.  Your tastebuds will be glad you did.

green matcha

Wacky Wednesday- A Strategic Post

Hey, everyone! It’s that time of the semester! You know, the point at which you have five projects and three tests hanging over your head (oh yeah, and that speech you still haven’t practiced for), you’re trying not to think about break (but people are starting to ask what you’re doing for it), and all you really want to do is lie on your dorm bed, eating whatever you can find while simultaneously catching up with all five (six?) seasons of The Walking Dead.

Yes, it’s that time.

However, for those of you who are seniors, hmm… I guess that includes me too… there is something else nagging in the back of your brain.




So how am I going to turn this into a really nice post about a hidden menu of Cedarville I am ostensibly posting for?

I haven’t the foggiest.

So let’s dive in, shall we?

Pretty much, I’m going to talk about my major, and then give you a few job posting opportunities.

That’s about as far as my brain has gotten.

So first, who has ever heard of Strategic Communications as a major at Cedarville?

Just one of you?

And it’s me?

All right then, looks like I have some explaining to do. Basically, in the grand Department of Communications, there are 4 majors you can pick from, with many more concentrations. The four big categories are: Applied Communication, Broadcasting and Digital Media, Journalism, and Professional Writing and Information Design (PWIC, formerly TPC for those of you who wondered where that major went.)

My concentration of Strategic Communications is under Applied Communication, and what it basically means is that I get to choose my major electives. I chose Public Relations, Writing in Public Relations, and Communication Advocacy as my core credits, each of which are in line with my passions for people, networking and writing.

Why, do you ask, is it so important that I tell you what my major is? Aren’t communications majors tomorrow’s burger flippers, you ask? Don’t they earn far less, than say, engineers? Not at all! says communications majors average $48,000 in their line of work. To quote one of my professors: “In five years, all my communication students will be hiring the engineers.”

It’s true.

Communications students don’t have worse jobs.

They just have limitless, diverse options.

Like here, here, and here.

Plus LinkedIn.

So, little question for you readers (to get some interaction): I am going back and forth between two companies right now that I think I would enjoy working for: Samaritan’s Purse, and Reynolds and Reynolds. Both are highly respected in the Ohio area. Both have excellent entry level positions. Who would I be a good fit for?

And more importantly for you seniors, who are you thinking about working for?

Clifton Mill

Clifton Mill is getting ready for its best season… Christmas! (I know, I know, Christmas is really far away) but Clifton Mill puts up the most beautiful light display for the holiday season.

We still have a while before opening night for the holiday light season. Official Opening Night is November 28, 2014. This means that by the time we get back from Thanksgiving break, the lights will be ready for us to go and see! Four MILLION lights will be on display for the 27th year. Be sure to read more about how they celebrate at:

Until the 28th, let’s anxiously countdown the days until Thanksgiving, Christmas, and of course, many days there are until finals are over.

(Here’s a little countdown for you!)

Thanksgiving break: 14 // Clifton Lights: 18 // Christmas Break: 31 // Christmas Day: 42


PS —-> Here’s a little sneak peek!