Townie Tuesday

Cinnamon Rolls. Croissants. Scones. Bread. Donuts. Muffins. All freshly made- just for you to come and eat!

The Corner Bakery is a little secret hidden between Stoney Creek and Beans ‘n Cream. The Corner Bakery has so many delicious options, just waiting for you to come buy! As you can see in the introduction, they have quite the array of scrumptious sounding pastries and desserts.

Maybe on your way out of town before break, you can stop by and grab a sweet treat for that long road trip home . . .

Or if you don’t have time for that sweet treat before break, you could always ask out that girl you’ve had your eye on all semester to take a study break during finals week, and head on down to the Corner Bakery! (Just an idea, guys!)

We’re always trying to look out for you – whether that means a date idea, or just a quick road trip snack. Either way, check out the Corner Bakery- and enjoy!



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