Feature Friday

This week’s Feature Friday is dedicated to the Interim Chair of the Communications Department:

Derrick L. Green.

First, your friends here at Hidden Menu would like to finally put your curiosity to rest. There has been a big hoopla over the years as to what Professor Green’s middle name actually is… well, wonder no more. His middle name is LeMarr and it’s French, so make sure you sound educated when you say it.

Since we are just scraping at the surface of the mysterious Professor Green we would like to let you in on a few of the things that make Professor Green the person that he is.

5 things you should know about Professor Green:

  1. Avid Cartoon Watcher

When he’s not busy running the communications department, he’s busy watching Kim Possible.

  1. Chess Player

Challenge him to a game if you dare, but you’re bound to lose.

  1. Romper Room

Need I say more?

  1. Owns 3 light sabers

“Luke, I am your faaaaaather.”

  1. Speech team coach

So much respect for someone who enjoys coaching people in how to give a competitive speech.

Aside from his cartoon loving side, Professor Green has a big passion for his students and wanting to see them learn and grow. When we asked him what his dream job was, he said it was right where he is. There is nothing he’d rather be doing than educating and inspiring students.

“I have a passion for students and a passion for wanting them to want to make an impact.”

We can see how his passion for education really plays out in his development of the Virtual Communications class along with his involvement in various speech classes and the Department’s social media. So, when you see him around campus, think twice before you walk on by and instead consider having a light saber battle or a good ol’ crack at Brian Reagan impersonations.


P.S. If you didn’t know what Romper Room is, you do now.


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