Wacky Wednesday

This may be my last post this semester, on account of me hoping to be eating turkey by about this time next week.

Ok, enough tears shed, let’s get on to what I know you want to be talking about: THANKSGIVING!

So next week begins the holiday (as they say in England, I think) that you have sweated and worked so hard for. Unfortunately, you have to come back for two weeks of school after that. But who’s thinking of that?

Anyway, a clandestine, truly #cuhiddenmenu tradition that I want to bring to your attention for my final post is called Chucksgiving. That’s right, the annual piquant, ambrosial bash is tomorrow evening in Chucks! With mouthwatering turkey, piles of mashed potatoes, and delicious veggies that may rival your Aunt Petunia’s, the feast begins at 4:30pm!

As a member of the Culinary committee at Cedarville, I set up a meal every month that reflects the spirit of the season, and provides students with a savory break from normal cafeteria food. Last month, the meal was Halloween-themed, and the month before that showcased picnic food and checkered table cloths replete with goodies.

You won’t regret coming.

You will regret not showing up.

Come out to Chucksgiving with your friends for the last themed meal of the semester.

Your comestible world will be transformed.

Until we meet again,



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