DIY Gift Guide: Mashup Monday

Happy Monday, everyone!


Christmas is coming!  I know that some of you are staunchly against even mentioning Christmas until Thanksgiving has passed (and that’s okay, we can agree to coexist peacefully), but it is never too early to be thinking about presents.

If you’re like me, the present budget is a little tight.  But fear not!  Here is a list of lovely little gifts that you can cheaply DIY for your favorite people.

1. For the coffee-lover, a personalized coffee mug.  Experiment with different colored Sharpies and get your Picasso on.

2.  For the tea connoisseur, Christmas tree-shaped tea bags filled with homemade loose-leaf tea.  OR you can just buy the tea pre-made.  Up to you.

3.  For the Narnia-lover, a lamppost snow globe.

4.  For the naturalist, beautiful wood coasters.

5.  For the little person in your life, a cuddly sock bunny.

6.  For the candle lover, a scented candle in a mason jar.

7.  For the Bath & Body Works addict, warm vanilla sugar body scrub.

8.  For the foodie, infused olive oil.

9.  For the stubbly stud, beard balm.

10.  For the traveler, map art.

11.  For you furriest friends, a warm, cozy bed.

Happy crafting, friends!




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