Wacky Wednesday- A Strategic Post

Hey, everyone! It’s that time of the semester! You know, the point at which you have five projects and three tests hanging over your head (oh yeah, and that speech you still haven’t practiced for), you’re trying not to think about break (but people are starting to ask what you’re doing for it), and all you really want to do is lie on your dorm bed, eating whatever you can find while simultaneously catching up with all five (six?) seasons of The Walking Dead.

Yes, it’s that time.

However, for those of you who are seniors, hmm… I guess that includes me too… there is something else nagging in the back of your brain.




So how am I going to turn this into a really nice post about a hidden menu of Cedarville I am ostensibly posting for?

I haven’t the foggiest.

So let’s dive in, shall we?

Pretty much, I’m going to talk about my major, and then give you a few job posting opportunities.

That’s about as far as my brain has gotten.

So first, who has ever heard of Strategic Communications as a major at Cedarville?

Just one of you?

And it’s me?

All right then, looks like I have some explaining to do. Basically, in the grand Department of Communications, there are 4 majors you can pick from, with many more concentrations. The four big categories are: Applied Communication, Broadcasting and Digital Media, Journalism, and Professional Writing and Information Design (PWIC, formerly TPC for those of you who wondered where that major went.)

My concentration of Strategic Communications is under Applied Communication, and what it basically means is that I get to choose my major electives. I chose Public Relations, Writing in Public Relations, and Communication Advocacy as my core credits, each of which are in line with my passions for people, networking and writing.

Why, do you ask, is it so important that I tell you what my major is? Aren’t communications majors tomorrow’s burger flippers, you ask? Don’t they earn far less, than say, engineers? Not at all! Salary.com says communications majors average $48,000 in their line of work. To quote one of my professors: “In five years, all my communication students will be hiring the engineers.”

It’s true.

Communications students don’t have worse jobs.

They just have limitless, diverse options.

Like here, here, and here.

Plus LinkedIn.

So, little question for you readers (to get some interaction): I am going back and forth between two companies right now that I think I would enjoy working for: Samaritan’s Purse, and Reynolds and Reynolds. Both are highly respected in the Ohio area. Both have excellent entry level positions. Who would I be a good fit for?

And more importantly for you seniors, who are you thinking about working for?


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