A Little Local Lore: Mashup Monday

Happy Monday, everyone!

Since Halloween is this Friday, I figured that instead of posting tips for self-improvement I would share some local legends and ghost stories.  I love a good ghost story almost as much as I love healthy eating tips.  Almost.


Like all states, Ohio has its fair share of haunted houses and ghost stories.  You’ve probably heard several of them growing up.  I still remember the ghost stories I heard on the school bus as a little girl in my hometown near Indianapolis.  But did you know that some of the places we Cedarville students frequent have ghost stories of their own?  Clifton, Yellow Springs, Xenia, and our very own university (maybe?) all have their own allegedly haunted sites.

Below is a list of local haunts with a ghostly reputation- click on the name to read an article about the legends surrounding each location.

1.  John Bryan State Park, Clifton

2.  Antioch College, Yellow Springs

3.  Glen Helen Nature Preserve, Yellow Springs

4.  Crybaby Bridge, Xenia.

5.  Ye Olde Trail Tavern, Yellow Springs

6.  Spring Hill Elementary, Xenia

7.  Trebein Road, Byron

8.  Little Sugar Creek, Bellbrook

9.  Myers Hall, Wittenberg University, Springfield (bonus link for poem version with creepy background music)

10.  Cedar Lake, Cedarville University

Although many of these stories have historical basis, the actual presence of ghostly figures is just hearsay.  However if you are brave (and looking for something creepy to do this week), head out to one of these locations and take a look for yourself!  Just make sure that you have the proper permissions before you go exploring, and of course, be respectful of the places you visit.  If you aren’t, you never know who or what will come after you for it…

Happy Halloween!




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