Feature Friday— On a Monday





…or should I say LOVE SEATS?!


Who woulda thought that at a Christian university that bans kissing on campus would have secret kissing spots conveniently decorated with university furniture?


Okay, maybe it’s not as surprising as you would think.


A little bird told me there are several couch areas in the Stevens Student Center (SSC) that are specifically known for smooching. One being the hallway by the restrooms and back entrance of the Admissions office, and the second being in the lower level’s lounge area near the Event Service’s office for starters. So my question is– what is so romantic about these couches? Or the SSC? Can’t students just go off campus for a little lip action?


My guess? Underclassmen. Think about it– All freshman live on campus. Only about half of freshman students have a car, and because the freshman can only park in a lot so far away it is given the nickname, “Africa” (the parking lot that is in front of the caged fields and Soccer field) I understand how it would make students stick around on campus more.


Is there a solution? Maybe not right away. The university has been trying to replace all couches with chairs to discourage this type of physical contact, but will this actually help couples, or cause them to cozy up even closer? It looks like we will never have a clear solution; students will always find those dimly-lit secret hallways conveniently adorned with comfy couches, but it’s probably better they are kissing on campus and not taking things to the next level — aka going to the parking lot of the Indian Mounds… that’s all I’m going to say about that… let’s keep our interactions PG, people!



Officially stepping off my soap box,

Until Next Time,



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