Wacky Wednesday


Ok, it’s getting so late in the semester that I can’t remember which title we even started out calling this daily post.

Yeah, it’s getting that bad.

Well, hopefully you like wacky, cause that’s what I’m deciding we’re sticking with.

Anyway, being gone for a semi-extended period of time from school caused me to think about opportunities that I missed back on campus. Although this may not be strictly under my category for the week, I’m going to go with it anyway: taking a walk.

No, I’m not talking about Passion Pit’s one hit single.


However, as the song mentions, there are many reasons to be out and about at this time of the year.

You could be enjoying that crisp October air (imported directly from Ontario for you. Brr!)

You could take a study break.

You could jog with friends.

You could be spending time with that special someone.

You could ask that special someone if they would like to start spending time with you by taking walks.

You could could go to anyone of the marvelous little shops in town, Stoney Creek, Neapolitan, Beans and Cream, or Colonials.

You could be trying out for the cross country team (Cedarville is Gorges! Hoo-yah!)

You could explore the bike path (177 miles of interconnected bikeways!)

You could go to the Indian Mounds.

You could do any of the above and enjoy God’s incredible creation that He has placed in this corner of Ohio.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget to have fun, and remember to walk responsibly!

Until next time,



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