Wonder/Wacky Wednesday

hocking hills

So I’m sticking with the double title now until someone tells me otherwise.

Or until I get fired as Wednesday’s editor for not being able make up my mind.

Or until one of you posts that it’s really upsetting, and/or offensive that I can choose between two simple title headlines.

Just kidding. Please don’t post that. It will probably mean that I would get fired again, like these poor people.

Anyway, so since we’re right on the cusp of Fall Break, I thought I would mention a Fall-breakish type of class that may have escaped your notice since your time arriving at our illustrious university: backpacking.

Yes, that wonderful activity where you get invisible stones in your shoes that disappear whenever you take off your Chacos and reappear painfully when you put them back on your feet.

That glorious experience where you walk for hours, still haven’t found the campsite by nightfall, and then someone mentions bears.

Oh, wait, I’m trying to convince you to take the class.

Scratch those last two lines.

Cedarville’s program is amazing: the website says “Course requirements include examinations covering the activity subject, skills tests, class participation, and aerobics requirements.”

Well, that  is unfortunately a poor description of what actually goes on.

Think mountains (Well, tall hills, it is Ohio, after all).

Think bubbling streams, verdant forests, crisp air, and cute little fawns.

Hey, you could even take the class with your significant other and spend 3 hours a week with them that they can’t try to study during!

I have even heard mention of an overnight camping experience the last day of class, perhaps and perhaps not at the one and only Hocking Hills. If you haven’t been there, you need to be.

So what more can I say? Sign up (next semester, it’s trending cold right now), for a remarkable and lasting experience.

And hey, you might even meet that special someone.

Until next week,



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