Wonder… I Mean ‘Wacky’ Wednesday


So, our instructor told us in no uncertain terms that we had to change our hump day name to “Wacky” Wednesdays.

Apparently he thinks it fits better with all of the other titles we have for our daily posts.

I actually don’t really care, so I’ve written both in the title.

Your assignment this week as the reader is to post vehement comments supporting one name or the other, arguing originality vs creativity, and free market economics vs net neutrality.

I, meanwhile, will be quietly writing over in this corner.

So I have something special to talk about this week, something that is pretty close to my heart and passions.

Basically, I care about it a ton, ok?

Poverty Weekend.

There, I said it. Cedarville’s best kept secret. The bane of conversations with friends. The classic “you have to go to know” experience.

The pinnacle of my time at Cedarville.

The ultimate challenge.

Being homeless for a weekend.

I can imagine no showers. Little food. Cold pavement. Snow. Rain. Sleet. Little company.

What I can’t imagine is being alone. Being judged. Being disregarded because of your appearance. Racism. The church turning a blind eye. Desperation.

Don’t that lovely description make you want to go?

That’s where I’m headed this weekend.

You can too, right here. There’s still an all-expense paid spot left.

Contact Dr. Cook, and your life will be changed.

Poverty weekend.

Won’t you join me?


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