Pizza, Pizza, and You Guessed It, More Pizza


It’s Wild Wednesday time.

Ever heard of the Purple Pizza Eaters?

No, I’m not talking about the math game.

Or the company in Florida.

I am talking about Cedarville’s very own pizza reviewing group, based right here in our cozy little ville.

According to its Facebook page, it has been around since September of 2012, currently retains 179 members, and recently held a food drive.

Their mission statement, found on their Twitter page, says they are “A group of pizza lovers dedicated to finding the best pizza in the United States.”

This is just one of many social groups on Cedarville’s campus that have formed for the purpose of creating brother-(and sisterhoods), fostering community, and just generally having a good time.

They even have their own t-shirt.

One of the things I really love and appreciate about The Ville is that little groups like this pop up all around our school pretty much all the time. I think it’s amazing that our engaging, convivial atmosphere encourages people to form diverse, eclectic groups simply for the purpose of enjoying one of the greatest foods of all time.

Join today, and you could be embarking on the pepperoni-filled adventure of a lifetime.

Only if you start hallucinating about giant green reptiles, that’s not my fault.



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