Feature Friday

Hello friends! Friday is finally upon us so take a deep breath and exhale because you’ve made it through the week!

This week’s FEATURE FRIDAY is brought to you by your beloved Hive: provider of food sans Chuck’s, awkward date spots, and all things books. Wait, did I mean to say books? Why yes, yes I did.

This week I want you to know a hidden secret that’s been under your nose since the beginning of time… or maybe just your Freshman year:

The Hive Bookshelf.

Located directly to the left of the fireplace, the Hive Bookshelf is every college student’s dream come true. FREE TEXTBOOKS. Need I say more? Okay, actually yes, because if I don’t I might get in trouble. You can’t take these textbooks with you, BUT if your wallet is a little tight on book money like mine, buying textbooks is more of a suggestion than a requirement. But that’s the beauty of the Hive Bookshelf because it happens to have 2 books that I need for my classes this semester!

The Hive bookshelf might not have every college student’s dream textbook, but it had mine. So go check it out today, or tomorrow, or every day, and see if the book you’ve been holding out on is waiting for YOU.





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