Townie Tuesday

Every weekend, we look for something fun to do around Cedarville. Maybe we just need a new place to do homework or we need to get off campus for a much needed study break / reward for all that hard work we’ve done.

Cedarville Compass, is a facebook / twitter account that is letting us know about all of the fun things that are happening around campus and the surrounding area.

One of my favorite places that the Compass featured is Beans-N-Cream. This place is such a cozy little coffee shop to go to on a chilly fall day to get some homework done or catch up with a friend you haven’t talked with in a while.

Beans-N-Cream also has an open mic night every Saturday night, from 8pm-11pm. If you want to try to make it big in the little town of Cedarville, go on down to Beans-N-Cream. What could it hurt to give it a try?

Also, while you’re there, be sure to try one of their warm cinnamon rolls. They are absolutely fantastic. You won’t be disappointed.


Follow Cedarville Compass:


Twitter: @CUCompass


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