Townie Tuesday

Townie Tuesday is another adventure in the great outdoors. (We need a few of these before it gets too cold to even face the outdoors!) Buck Creek State Park, located in Springfield, is a great big place for adventures! At Buck Creek, you can camp, hike, swim, canoe, kayak, fish, explore, picnic, the options are really limitless!

This past weekend, I went camping there with friends. It was definitely an adventure. We roasted pretty much anything edible we had with us. We definitely had the traditional hot dogs & s’mores for dinner & definitely some eggs, bacon, & chocolate pancakes for breakfast. Eventually, tired of the usual camping food, we actually became quite creative; we even made stuffed cheese peppers over the open fire.

If you want to grab some friends & take a fun overnight trip, I would definitely recommend Buck Creek State Park! Since it’s not too far away, it is super easy to go for just one night. This could be a great final outdoor excursion before the colder fall / winter weather sets in!

This was actually my first time ever camping, so from one under-experienced person, to all of you, here is my advice:

  1. Wear layers. It gets a bit chilly there at night and during the morning and during the afternoon. Pretty much if the sun’s not out, it’s a bit chilly. Be prepared. You can never take too many layers.
  2. Bring food. But DON’T let the candy in the tents. . . We had a little friend (raccoon) who was definitely not afraid of people, but we were sure afraid and we kept on having to scare him off (before he scared us all into sleeping in our cars for the night).

I’m sure there is a lot more important advice to give, but like I said, I’m un-experienced in my camping.

Go be adventurous.


Buck Creek State Park: 1901 Buck Creek Lane Springfield, OH 45502




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