Wonder Wednesday


Soo… I don’t know how I got roped into this, but apparently I will be the senior editor for Wednesday posts. It might get pretty interesting, seeing as how this is usually the time of the night that I am pumping some sort of caffeinated beverage into myself to increase the odds my homework get done. We’ll see how this goes.

Anyway, so you’re probably wondering why the title is Wonder Wednesday.

Before you ask, no, I will not be posting videos of me singing covers of Stevie Wonder’s hit titles.

Rather, Wednesdays are going to be the time of the week that I divulge an interesting class, fascinating major, weird org, or talented sports team that has flown under your radar here at Cedarville, and encourage you to learn more about it.

To take that class.

To switch your major (well, maybe not to Keyboard Pedagogy)

To join that org.

To follow that sports team.

And who knows? You might end up with a new hobby, a new passion, or even some new friends for life. It all happens at Cedarville every day, right under your nose.

To start off the year, did you know that we have a co-ed tumbling class here at the University!? Yup. Tuesday/Thursday, second half of Fall semester, so you can still join it. Last count, there’s still ten spots open. According to the website, “Course requirements include examinations covering the activity subject, skills tests, class participation, and aerobics requirements.” Tumbling is a gymnastic activity that involves handsprings, somersaults, and lots of flexibility training.

Here’s the best part: the class is offered at 8am.

So when you’re really cold on these upcoming polar vortex mornings, just think- you could have taken tumbling.


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