Townie Tuesday

Townie Tuesday this week is all about HOMECOMING! There are going to be some great events that you definitely do not want to miss!

Some of my favorite homecoming activities involve the cardboard canoe race and then CU by the Lake. I mean, who doesn’t love watching freshmen engineering students sink into the middle of Cedar Lake? And then CU by the Lake, when the cupcake truck comes and the orgs are selling all those baked goods and candied apples.

Homecoming may be one of my favorite weeks at Cedarville. There is always so much excitement on campus with friends coming back to town and everyone being reunited for just a couple of days.

Be sure to check out to see a complete schedule for the weekend.

Can’t wait to CU at all the activities!


How to Focus and Get Things Done: Mashup Monday

Happy Monday, everyone!


As college students, we have to battle a LOT of distractions to get things done.  Study time can be so easily interrupted by friends, text messages, Facebook, Netflix, or the sudden overwhelming desire to go walk around Walmart for fun (we’ve all been there).  With so many distractions vying for our attention, it becomes absolutely crucial to learn good study habits in order to focus and take care of business.


Below are links to two articles that I have found helpful in the never-ending quest for focus.


I hope these will be as helpful to you as they have been to me.  So get down to business and crank those papers out!


Happy studying!




Feature Friday

Hello friends! Friday is finally upon us so take a deep breath and exhale because you’ve made it through the week!

This week’s FEATURE FRIDAY is brought to you by your beloved Hive: provider of food sans Chuck’s, awkward date spots, and all things books. Wait, did I mean to say books? Why yes, yes I did.

This week I want you to know a hidden secret that’s been under your nose since the beginning of time… or maybe just your Freshman year:

The Hive Bookshelf.

Located directly to the left of the fireplace, the Hive Bookshelf is every college student’s dream come true. FREE TEXTBOOKS. Need I say more? Okay, actually yes, because if I don’t I might get in trouble. You can’t take these textbooks with you, BUT if your wallet is a little tight on book money like mine, buying textbooks is more of a suggestion than a requirement. But that’s the beauty of the Hive Bookshelf because it happens to have 2 books that I need for my classes this semester!

The Hive bookshelf might not have every college student’s dream textbook, but it had mine. So go check it out today, or tomorrow, or every day, and see if the book you’ve been holding out on is waiting for YOU.




Thirsty Thursday: Smoothies, Oh how I love you!!

Now, it’s hard to believe for a coffee lover, but some people don’t like coffee…and that’s ok! The nice thing about coffee shops is that they offer a variety of drink options…even for non-coffee lovers. Plus, this nice weather calls for a cool drink!

And today, that drink is a smoothie. At Rinnova, they offer a variety of smoothie options, but they’re so much more fun when you mix flavors.

One of my favorites (also because of the name) is the Peach, Mango, Strawberry smoothie or…PMS smoothie. They really do taste good and are quite addicting. Two stories for you:

1. A guy friend of mine asked for a recommendation for a kind of smoothie and of course, I said, “Peach Mango Strawberry”. He got it and now he’s addicted. Best part? When he was picking up his drink, he figured it out! Haha…needless to say, he was slightly surprised.

2. I got one the other day and a guy was working at Rinnova and he refused to say my order! It was hilarious. Grow up dude. I wish I got it on video!!

So…if you’re bold enough, go get one. If not, there are plenty of other kinds to choose from. Or make up your own! My boss even likes to get whipped cream blended into the smoothie and then on top!

How to Break Bones (Constructively)


That’s right, it’s Wednesday night again!

You know what time that means. Wonder Wednesday time.

Technically, at least at the time of this writing, it’s still Wednesday. It will almost definitely be Thursday by the time this post escapes my brain, travels through my digits and makes its way into the cyberworld.

So, rugby.

Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Ok, maybe you did. But still, although most of us could say we know what rugby is, do we actually know the game? I know I don’t as well as I think I do.

For example, did you know that you can launch a grubber kick at your opponents’ goal? Or that the giant group of guys all crushed together fighting over the weirdly oval ball is called a scrum? And I bet you didn’t know that when a player is tackled, they all have to form a ruck.

Ok, so I don’t know exactly what a ruck is, but it sounded pretty neat, so I thought I’d mention it. You can read a good explanation here.

So what about Cedarville’s rugby team? They’re pretty beast, I’d say. Look at their Facebook.

That’s a mighty tough looking group of guys.

However, rugby is well-known as one of the more dangerous sports, so you’re going to need hardened warriors like our school provides.

If you feel a burning interest in snapping limbs (your own and others) simply go here to join the team.

I will be watching from the sidelines, thanks very much.

– #hiddenmenu

Townie Tuesday

Every weekend, we look for something fun to do around Cedarville. Maybe we just need a new place to do homework or we need to get off campus for a much needed study break / reward for all that hard work we’ve done.

Cedarville Compass, is a facebook / twitter account that is letting us know about all of the fun things that are happening around campus and the surrounding area.

One of my favorite places that the Compass featured is Beans-N-Cream. This place is such a cozy little coffee shop to go to on a chilly fall day to get some homework done or catch up with a friend you haven’t talked with in a while.

Beans-N-Cream also has an open mic night every Saturday night, from 8pm-11pm. If you want to try to make it big in the little town of Cedarville, go on down to Beans-N-Cream. What could it hurt to give it a try?

Also, while you’re there, be sure to try one of their warm cinnamon rolls. They are absolutely fantastic. You won’t be disappointed.


Follow Cedarville Compass:


Twitter: @CUCompass

The Perfect Recipe: Mashup Monday

Happy Monday, everyone!

carmel apples

As the weather gets colder, we tend to eat more sweets and comfort foods (or at least I do- I’m looking at you, carmel apples and candy corn!).  Unfortunately as college students we don’t always have the resources readily available to bake a chocolate cake or an apple pie when we’re really craving it.  But there is hope!  If you have a coffee mug, an egg, and a little sugar, chances are you’ve got what you need to make a delicious dessert without ever leaving your dorm room.  Here are a few recipes for single-serve desserts that you can make in your microwave, or in Chuck’s if you can get creative!

And finally one of my fall favorites…

Give these a try and if they satisfy your sweet tooth, comment below and let us know!



Feature Friday



This week’s Feature Friday belongs to Ethan Lee. Ethan is a senior Finance major at Cedarville University. One of his more well-known accomplishments is being a member of the Men’s Varsity Soccer Team- last night, he scored a bicycle kick goal in the ninetieth minute to tie the game! However, I’m not here to talk about his soccer skills. One of Ethan’s hidden talents is his growing eBay business.

“For the past three years, buying the reselling items on eBay has become a passion of mine – perhaps even a little ‘guilty pleasure.’ I love doing it because it satisfies my shopping urges while helping my wallet instead of hurting it! It also gives me goals when I’m out looking for deals. I especially enjoy going to get. Plus, the money has been great, and I never know when I am going to stumble on my next huge find.”

-Ethan Lee

So if you are in need of some extra cash, talk to Ethan and get your own eBay business started! It is possible for us college students to make some money right from the comfort of our dorm rooms.

Until next Friday,


Thirsty Thursday on Friday…

Whoops!!! I enjoyed my coffee date with a friend too much last night that I forgot to post!

Last night, a friend that I work with had the coolest drink! It was a chocolate chai. Nothing too special, but I never would have thought of it! If you’re like me and you love dirty chais, just add chocolate to that! Pretty cool.

Get it hot or cold, depending on the weather!


Conservative Liberal Arts

download (1)

That’s right, it’s Wednesday again!! Hump day!! Well, my calendar tells me that it’s actually Wonder Wednesday, so I guess I’d better think about a topic for posting.

How about our new Liberal Arts major?

“Wait,” you say, “that’s not really awe-inspiring like tumbling was last week.”

Well, hold your horses. This post is about to get a lot better than you thought.

Well, maybe just a little bit better.

Ok, you caught me, I’m just stalling for time while I think about what is actually neat about our liberal arts major.

Just kidding. There are a lot of really cool things about the major. Like the fact that you’re required to study abroad. (I have to go to Australia again? Aw man!) And that you can basically pick any classes that you want to fulfill your credit hours. And that a bunch of my good friends are in the program here at Cedarville. And that your schedule is super flexible.

The official website for the liberal arts major here at the ‘Ville says, “The liberal arts major will include general education requirements, foreign language competency, and concentration in one area of the core liberal arts (humanities, fine arts, social science and history, math and science, or theology and philosophy).”

Ok, I just convinced myself that I have to switch my major. I don’t even care that it’s my senior year. It’s just too good an opportunity to pass up.

Basically, you pick whatever classes you want, take a semester in another whole country just because, and you get to study what you love.

Sounds like pretty much the best major ever to me.